Curriculum Vitae

Jorge Chicaiza-Vaca is a PhD candidate at ITPL at the Technical University Dortmund since 2017. He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and a MSc in Operations Management. He did a research internship in the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation -CLI- MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) part of the Global SCALE Network of Supply Chain Research Centers, in the logistics for megacities project. He has more than eight years of professional experience in Ecuadorian manufacture companies. He also was the first executive director of the national association of logistics professionals (ASOLOG) in Ecuador. Nowadays, his work is related to Behavioral Operations Research combining simulation and optimization approaches to solve logistics problems.



Fields of Research


Gutenschwager, K.; Chicaiza Vaca, J.L.; Rabe, M.: Comparing Direct Deliveries and Automated Parcel Locker Systems with Respect to Overall CO2 Emissions for the Last Mile. Algorithms 17 (2024) 4, DOI: 10.3390/a17010004. download Details.

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Aquino, R.; Baran, B.; Lopez-Pires, F.; Sandoya, F.; Chicaiza, J.: A Novel Multi-Objective Two-Echelon Green Location-Routing Problem from a City Government Perspective. Congreso Internacional de Ciencias de la Computación y Sistemas de Información (CICCSI 2017), Mendoza, (Argentina,) 13-17 November 2017. download paper_jorge_lrp_ciccsi.pdf Details.

Eitzen, H.; Lopez-Pires, F.; Baran, B.; Sandoya, F.; Chicaiza, J.L.: A Multi-objective Two-echelon Vehicle Routing Problem. An Urban Goods Movement Approach for Smart City Logistics, In Proceedings XLIII Latin American Computer Conference (CLEI), Cordoba (Argentina), 4th-8th September 2017, DOI: 10.1109/CLEI.2017.8226454. download Details.


Supervised Theses:

Teodoruk, I.: Analyse der Anwendungen der agentenbasierten Simulation im nachhaltigen Güterverkehr. TU Dortmund University, Department IT in Production and Logistics, project thesis, 2019. download FP_2019_Teodoruk.pdf